Isabel Richter

Microsoft Deutschland

Über den Vortrag

Under the motto “Earth to KI … !? – New ideas for our planet “ Microsoft connected technology experts with thought leaders from the fields of environmental, climate protection and sustainable development and enabled a dialogue on opportunities for a sustainable future. The goal: to build a network of fellow campaigners that will further promote the solution of ecological challenges with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The heart of the communication and CSR campaign was a two-day “Earth lab”, in which scientists, developers, economic experts and social entrepreneurs jointly developed specific application scenarios for AI to protect the earth in a specially developed dialogue and ideation process. The early involvement of influencers and media in the design of the Earth lab and content development as well as continuous storytelling rounded off the campaign.

Über die Referentin

Isabel Richter is responsible for the communication of strategic and political corporate issues at Microsoft Germany. Her main focus is on current digital policy issues and developments relating to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and digital education / qualification. She also communicates the company’s digital and corporate responsibility and the use of technology for added value to society. In the Berlin office of Microsoft Germany, she leads the capital city communication with influencers and media on digital and analogue channels.

Until 2016, she worked as a division manager at the Bitkom digital association for several years in political communication with a focus on e-health and sustainability / CSR. Before that, she was a communications consultant and team lead at Waggener Edstrom Communications in London, responsible for the Trustworthy Computing campaign for Microsoft EMEA. Isabel Richter studied communication and media studies in Leipzig and Vancouver..